Come join us as staff at Suffolk International MOOT!

Suffolk international MOOT needs an amaizing team of volunteers to provide an amazing experience for all at our event! 


By joining our staff team you will be part of an incridble experience changing lives, going higher, faster and further. You will meet people from many different backgrounds with a multitude of experiences and make friendships that will last a lifetime.


Steps to Volunteering at MOOT

1) fill out your application, highlighting any specific area of interest e.g. Site services, Security, Water activities    HERE!

2) Fill out our survey if you can help lead adventurous activities HERE!
3) Book your place! If you don't know in what capacity just book under volunteer,  Book HERE!


Cost for Volunteer Staff

Giving up 6 days of your time is a big commitment and we really appreciate your dedication to help us deliver an amazing Suffolk International Moot experience for everyone.

So we’ve set a really low fee for Volunteer staff members to include all the brilliant adventure and food for a very small charge.

The price for staff is just £50! With an Early Bird offer of £35!