Suffolk MOOT International Policy

The Vision

Suffolk International MOOT is an international camp that aims to offer all Scouting and Girl Guiding participants an experience they will never forget. Our main goal as organisers is to ensure that each and every participant enjoys a well organised, welcoming and safe event. All policies for Suffolk International MOOT are implemented with this vision in mind.


The Rationale

This policy has been written (in conjunction with our booking conditions) to clarify the support we can offer to our international guests and also to safeguard us as an event team.


Terms used within the Policy

International Team: A group of Suffolk International MOOT volunteers providing support for our international guests.

International Guests:  Individuals or groups of young members with the relevant adult Leaders attending Suffolk International MOOT from outside of the UK.

National Scout Organisation (NSO): The World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM) is the global Scouting organisation. The National Scout Organisations are country specific organisations that belong to WOSM. The Scout Association UK is the UK’s NSO.

Member Organisation (MO): The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) is the global Guiding organisation. The Member Organisations are country specific organisations that belong to WAGGGS.  Girlguiding is the UK’s MO.

Home country: The country in which the International Guests live.


The Policy Contents:

  • Who is invited to attend Suffolk International MOOT?
  • Supporting Visa Applications
  • Insurance
  • Matching International guests with UK units
  • Unexplained Absence from Suffolk International MOOT
  • Brexit


Who is invited to attend Suffolk International MOOT 

All international guests must belong to an MO or NSO and have the backing of that organisation to attend Suffolk International MOOT. The International team will verify this with the relevant MO or NSO for all international guests.


Any international guest over the age of 18 years at the start of the camp (26 August 2021) will need to have completed the relevant recruitment checks for their MO or NSO, and on arrival to camp must participate in a safeguarding & safety workshop.  If the workshop is not completed you will be refused entry to camp and will have to organise you own travel home.

The Suffolk International MOOT International team will support all international guests to the best of their ability; however responsibility to ensure that all Scouting rules are adhered to as well as the law, both within the UK and the home country, remains with the international guests.


Supporting Visa Applications:

Most international guests can obtain a Standard Visitor visa to visit the UK. International guests need to apply for these in good time to ensure they are in place prior to travel. Our international guests should visit the UK government website for full details: https://


Suffolk Scouts and The Scout Association UK, have no influence in the outcome of visa applications. We are only able to support applications and cannot guarantee they will be approved.


When we issue a visa support letter, we are only able to confirm your invitation to the Suffolk International MOOT camp from 26 August to 31 August 2021. We are not able to include details of anything outside of the camp dates, other than including details of your flights.


All documentation sent by the International team in support of a visa application will be sent in pdf format, including a signature of the Camp Leader with international responsibility. This is to ensure that documents cannot be tampered with once they have left the Suffolk International MOOT team.


All correspondence sent in relation to supporting a visa application will also be copied to the relevant MO or NSO.


When you receive your visa, international guests should check to see whether there is a requirement to register with the local Police force on arrival into the UK. If you do need to register with the police on arrival in the UK, it will be written on your entry visa document and will state ‘Pol reg’, ‘Police Registration’ or ‘Register with Police within 7 days of UK entry’. If this is the case then please let our International team know and we can provide further support in this area.



International guests must have their own personal, health and equipment insurance for their entire visit to the UK. This may include additional sightseeing outside the Suffolk International MOOT camp dates. This should cover the individual or group for eventualities such as cancellation of your trip, loss of personal belongings or equipment, and medical cover in case you fall ill or have an accident whilst in the UK.. This should be organised in your home country prior to travel and your MOs or NSOs may have a recommended provider.


Please refer to our Terms & Conditions of booking for full details of Suffolk International MOOT cancellation information.

Booking T&C's

Matching international guests with UK units

Where possible, the International team will match up units from the UK who wish to share their Suffolk International MOOT experience with a group of international guests. To be considered for this matching process, you will need to consent to your group Leader’s name and email address being shared with the group Leader from the UK unit. It may be possible for your UK matched unit to offer Hosted Hospitality, however the Scouting rules surrounding this have become tighter in line with Safeguarding policies so very few units offer this.

Unexplained Absence from Suffolk International MOOT 

We understand that sometimes plans need to change because of unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, if for any reason your group, or any individual, will not be arriving at Suffolk International MOOT at the expected time then it is essential that you/your group Leader gets in touch with the camp to let us know. Similarly, if you/your group decide to leave the camp for any reason, we need to be made aware of where you are intending to go and when you are intending to arrive back at camp. A telephone number will be made available to all guests nearer the time.


Failure to arrive at camp:

If any of our international guests do not arrive at camp without making contact to tell us of delays to their travel arrangements, the International team will report this to the Police. For groups travelling to the UK on the first day of camp, our International team will monitor flight information using online data as we appreciate that if there are delays with your flights and you are in the air, you will not be able to let us know, but please get in touch as soon as possible after landing to confirm your expected arrival time. If you have not arrived at camp and we have not found any information about delays to your flight and no communication has been made, we will contact the Police 6 hours after your expected arrival time.


Absconding from camp:

If any of our international guests wish to leave the camp, they will need to check out at one of the entry/exit points so that we know who is onsite for fire regulations. However they will also need to let the International team know where they are intending to go and what time they intend to return to camp. If these plans change then you/your Leader should make contact with the camp to update the International team. If you/your group fails to return to camp at the allotted time the Camp Leader with international responsibility will be made aware of the situation. Attempts will be made by the camp to contact you/your Leader using the contact details you have provided. If, after a further 2 hours, you/your group has still not arrived back at camp and communication has been unsuccessful, the Suffolk International MOOT team will report this to the Police.


Failure to keep us informed in either of these circumstances would require the Suffolk International MOOT team to report your absence to the authorities. The Suffolk International MOOT team will support the Police in their investigation by answering questions relating to the individual or group and sharing any details or documents we hold about them. This data sharing is in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Section 5 Restrictions, Article 23 Restrictions, 1(d) which allows us to share information under the following circumstances: “the prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of criminal offences or the execution or criminal penalties, including the safeguarding against and the prevention of threats to the public.”




The International team will monitor the development of the Brexit situation. However you are reminded these decisions are out of our control and all international guests are responsible for ensuring they keep themselves informed of any changes as a result of the Brexit deal.